Convert your leads before it’s too late

Convert your leads before it’s too late

Instantly get notified of form submissions to the messenger of your choice.

Easily configure your form back-end — no coding required.

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  • Eliminate Hassle

  • Save Time

  • Handle More Submissions

Set-up your forms in minutes

Start collecting submissions today.

  • Configure Your Form

    Just copy your URL, and update your form's action attribute. No library, no CSS override, no iframe, nothing else is needed.

  • Get Notified

    We already support Telegram, Messenger, Viber and Slack. Need to notified somehwere else? Let us know!

  • Improve Conversions

    Search, filter, archive and leave comments on your submissions so you can analyze results and improve your forms.

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Get notified on the most popular clients

Get notified on the most popular clients

The integration possibilities are limitless with Zapier and webhooks too.

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Save time in so many ways

Packed with features that make you more productive.

  • Multiple Chat Integrations

    Integrate your work with popular chat platforms. More clients on-the-way!

  • Unlimited Forms and Pages

    Create as many endpoints as you need, on any number of pages.

  • Ajax Compatible

    Endpoints are ajax compatible allowing integration with any frontend stack.

  • Spam Protection

    All of our plans comes with sophisticated anti-spam protection.

  • Auto Response Emails

    Send automatic replies to your leads in any language with our custom templates.

  • Collaborators

    Give team members access to your account and delegate as-needed.

  • Export to CSV or JSON

    Your data is yours. Export your submissions as either CSV or JSON file any time.

  • Statistics

    Track form performance with key historical charts on your dashboard.

  • Zapier & Webhooks

    Access 1500+ Zapier integrations or use webhooks to connect without writing any code.

In our saturated market, we need to contact potential customers as soon as possible and Form2chat helps a lot with that!
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One tool, many applications

Form-2-Chat works for multiple use cases.

  • Lead Gathering

    Set-up a lead capture box in seconds.

  • Contact Forms

    Reduce the time it takes to respond to requests.

  • Newsletter Sign-up

    Build your audience with email forms.

  • Surveys

    Easily set-up custom, white-label surveys.

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Don’t miss another opportunity

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